Template for Window Painting


On this page you will receive a short guide to using the program Image Outline to draw a Window Painting template.

Graphical Material

  • Camera
    If you have a image for Window Painting, you should make sure that the subject with larger areas can be displayed. This may in some cases delicate areas, from the same colored parts (eg a tree), on a plane together.
  • Photo
    Digital cameras are now widespread. Even with many mobile phones can already be included photos. So it should in most cases easily possible, the favorite subject to photograph.
    Make sure the subject is as large as appropriate.
  • Scanner
    Even classic photos are suitable for processing, if a scanner is available. The prints you can also take with a digital camera.


  • Image Size
    Today's high megapixel digital cameras provide images that are excellent for a detailed pressure are suitable. Scanner creates in the highest resolution images are often even greater. The initial image for the Window Painting template must be not as large. A maximum width of 800 pixels at the long edge of the picture is long enough. If you are not using a special photo editing software, you can shrink the image under Windows also supplied with Paint. For a picture with 6 megapixels, 25% is a good value.
  • Make sure to save the image under a new name and do not overwrite the original image!

Image Processing

  • Trace Contours
    Now start the program Image Outline and open the just created image into the program. Now you can start to trace the contours. Select the line width slightly larger, when drawing the contour image a good contrast to have.
  • Print Template
    The contour print once without and once with colored surfaces. In the print dialog set the final size of the template.

Window Painting

  • Contour
    Attach the print without colored surfaces as a template under the slide. Now you paint with color of the contour lines the lines.
  • Coloration
    After the contour is dried, you can use the print with the color surfaces as template to painting the image.


If you want no further Image with this template draw, there is certainly a child to painting the template.