Image Print 1.11.0


AlbumCreate your albums or books from your photos, images and texts and print them out. EXIF informations can be automatically inserted in text. Organize your images and text on each side free to. Insert own printer settings for the project and individual pages.


Book ProjectUse the book project to create a photobook. The automatic distribution of the individual book pages to the printed pages is also possible without a duplex printer.


StereotypeCreate stereotypes for recurrent layout. Here you define the printer settings to be created for the album page.

With the index template generator you have a simple way to create stereotypes for the index print. With a link in"Send to" you can print indexes automaticly.

All stereotypes can be used as link under "Send to" be deposited to the images printing to automate. The links itself can be comfortable on the Tools menu edited.


PapercheckTesting papers with various printer settings: Printing a single image with various printer settings on a page.

Set columns, rows and number of containers to determine how many printer settings do you want to test. For each field, enter different printer settings.

Supported file types: Bitmap, JPEG, TIFF (24 and 48 bit) and PNG. Embedded color profiles in JPEG and TIFF files can be use.