Protractor 1.0.3


"Protractor" - ProgramWith the program "Protractor" you are constructing protractors to your own will. The subdivision is possible in Degrees and Grad.

The color display, labeling, and orientation can be adjusted within wide ranges.

All four quadrants may be separately toggled on or off

The stroke lengths are determined as a percentage of the radius. This gap with the strokes of the font is automatically postponed.


"Protractor" - PrintIn the Print dialog, you specify how many protractors printing on one page.

Furthermore, here set the position of the center and the radius of each protractor.

You can for example printing CD labels and then glued them on a CD no longer required. This allows, among other things continue to use promotional CD's.

Print Preview

"Protractor" - Print PreviewHere you can check before printing, if all are properly aligned to print protractors.

Here you can see whether they overlap or are no longer in print area.

System Requirements

The program runs under Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.